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ASUS servers continue to dominate the industry-leading Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation ( benchmarks, topping the tables in a wide variety of performance tests.


ASUS has over 25 years of expertise in the server industry and has a dedicated team of engineers specializing in server hardware design, software and firmware integration, and performance tuning and optimization for a broad range of applications. The world-beating performance of ASUS server products underscores our commitment to pursuing continuous system optimization and performance tuning to deliver the highest-quality servers to customers.

Since ASUS first joined the performance benchmarks in 2018, our servers have set over 700 world records. The latest lineup of record-breaking, configurable servers includes both tower and rack servers, and multi-node platforms, designed to be highly scalable and work seamlessly for infrastructure visualization, data analysis and general and technical computing applications.


Most World Records

Most World Records

ASUS servers are world leaders in computing performance, with a total of 730 world-record benchmark results confirmed by In particular, ASUS holds the most amount of records on the SPEC CPU2017 benchmark both single-socket (1P) and dual-socket (2P) configurations. These world records are set by servers running across both Intel® and AMD® platforms.


* All results are correct as of December 29, 2020 on SPEC org.


Most Power-Efficient Servers

Most Power-Efficient Servers

ASUS servers also achieve the highest rankings on the SPEC Power® suite of benchmarks for energy efficiency, and as performed by The selected Intel- and AMD-based servers demonstrate to customers how they can achieve faster deployments and higher energy efficiency for their IT infrastructures. These servers were tested using both Windows Server and Linux — the most popular operating systems used in data centers — to ensure the benchmarks results are relevant to real-world performance and operating conditions.




Fastest Intel 2P and 1P Performance

Fastest Intel 2P and 1P Performance

ASUS holds over 490 world records with servers that running across Intel® platforms, including the 1st and 2nd Gen Intel Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel Xeon E-2200 processors to support workloads ranging from general business infrastructure, software-defined deployment, data analytics, AI and HPC.


  • ​ESC8000 G4 scores the highest results with Intel Xeon Platinum 8280L processor
  • RS300-E10 secures No. 1 records with full range of Intel Xeon E-2200 processors



No.1 AMD 1P Performance

No.1 AMD 1P Performance

ASUS servers with AMD EPYC processors currently hold over 200 world records. This total consists of No. 1 results for single-socket performance across all SPEC CPU2017 benchmarks, including integer rate, floating-point rate, integer speed and floating-point. ASUS offer a wide range of AMD EPYC server categories including GPU-optimized, high-density and general-purposed in 1U and 2U chassis and each server category is designed to fit the different workloads of AI inference, virtualization, VDI, analytics and software-defined deployments.


  • ESC4000A-E10 and RS500A-E10 score multiple results with AMD EPYC 7002 processors


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